Tox-Hub Example

When performing a search the user must specify three input fields:

  • Searching scope: Title or Full document (referred to the original external databases).
  • Dictionary: referred to the internally automatically generated (built in) dictionary, or alternatively, to the use of an external one (IUPAC).
  • Words: a specific keyword related to the topic of interest should be selected from the drop-down menu.


Different primary searching sets are generated with each word. Further information processing is achieved using logical (Boolean) operators: AND, OR, AND NOT.

See the simple example below

Example: we are interested on the effects of insecticides on non-target organisms (i.e., other than insects), for instance birds or mammals: The relevant keywords thus are the terms ‘insecticide’, ‘bird’, ‘mammal’.

First we proceed to build separately the corresponding sets with the three words selected:

Set #1: ‘insecticide’                                                                         (168 references)

Set #2: ‘bird’                                                                                     (89 references)

Set #3: ‘mammal’                                                                            (22 references)

Secondly, we obtain separately the intersections (AND) of #1 with #2 and #3. To do so, the set #1 is selected in the first dropdown, the operator AND is selected in the second and the set # 2 is selected in the second dropdown selector. We get:

Set #4: ‘insecticide’ AND ‘bird’                 (#1 AND #2)                          (50 references)

Set #5: ‘insecticide’ AND ‘mammal’        (#1 AND #3)                          (12 references)

Then we combine sets  #4 and #5 since possibly both are sharing some common references. This is done by an OR operation:

Set #6: (#4 OR #5)                                                                                      (51 references)

The final 51 original references identified can be directly accessed by clicking the links shown in the Results Display Area.


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