HEROIC Background & Objectives

At present, human health and environmental risk assessments are typically conducted independently of each other. This means that data from toxicological and ecotoxicological studies are not readily accessible by risk assessors in the other discipline, and possibilities for synergies are not realised. Risk assessors in both disciplines are facing challenges due to the increasing need for risk assessments (e.g. REACH, toxicity of mixtures), public and legislative pressure to reduce the amount of animal testing, and budget restrictions. It is clear that better coordination and exploitation of existing data is needed to optimise resource use in human and environmental risk assessment.

The objectives of HEROIC therefore are:
  • Contribute to the harmonisation of tools and methods in human and environmental risk assessment by exploring how hazard characterisation and exposure assessment data can be used across disciplines.
  • Develop a framework for integrated approaches and methodologies for human and environmental risk assessment (for all chemical classes, also including mixtures).
  • Facilitate better understanding and co-operation between stakeholders involved in human and environmental risk assessment, in order to improve the quality, perceived value, and acceptance of integrated risk assessment, thereby helping to improve risk management decisions.

To get the project at a glance read more in the HEROIC Brochure