The Tox-Hub At Work: Overview Of The Platform Functionalities

The main-page is organized in 5 areas (see figure below) aimed to different functionalities:

- Administrators Area

- Tabs Area

- Searching Facilities Area

- Query Sets Area

-  Results Display Area

How is the Tox-Hub page organized?

a) Administrators login Area is specifically reserved for the system’s manager login for internal maintenance and administration tasks .It is NOT accesible to the USER

b)    Tabs bar contains 7 buttons activable by clicking on serving for the following purposes:

  • Heroic website: directs to the HEROIC main webpage
  • Give us feedback: opens an e-mail addressed to to facilitate sending comments to the Tox-Hub system administrator
  • Clean up: cleans up the page to start a new session
  • Retrieve session: opens  a dialog window allowing to retrieve a previous  session
  • Help: displays the help menu
  • DB List: displays the list of external databases accessible from Tox Hub and provides a short information profile

c)    Searching facilities Area contains 4 action windows:

  • Select Search scope: drop down menu allowing choice of the search domain (‘Title’ or ‘Whole document’)
  • Select dictionary: drop down menu allowing chosing the word dictionary (‘Internal built-in’ or ‘IUPAC).
  • Words of the dictionary: allows to insert  a word for searching.  On writing a sting a drop down menu appears showing the available words in the dictionary containing it.  Once the word is selected the query is performed by clicking the ‘GO‘ button.
  • Operate on sets :  allows the operation  of previously  generated sets using boolean logical operators (‘AND’, ‘OR’, ‘AND NOT’).  After selection of sets and logical opertors from  the corresponding drop down menus, the operation is executed by clicking the ‘DO‘ button

d)    Query Sets Area:

  • Query sets generated either by direct search or by application of logical operations are listed sequentially.
  • Sets are identified by:
    • an order number (1,2,…n)
    • a figure indicating the number of hits (references)
    • the word or logical operation used to generate the  query.
  • References contained in any set are diplayed by clicking See # button
  • Any set can by deleted by clicking the rightmost button

e)    Results display Area:

  • References (hits) obtained in the selected query set are displayed  ( paginated in blocks of 10).The following information is shown:
    • Link to the External DB it is coming from
    • Name of the External DB
    • Indication if the word is contained in the title


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